350 million people have chronic hepatitis B. We’re developing the cure.

Science Overview

Replicor is a clinical-stage company developing novel NUCLEIC ACID-BASED POLYMERS (NAPs): oligonucleotides whose antiviral activity is strictly dependent on the polymer chemistry of oligonucleotides which can be preserved independently of the sequence of nucleotides present. NAPs have a very important safety advantage over all other existing oligonucleotide-based drugs such as aptamers, antisense oligonucleotides and siRNA: because NAP’s activity is not sequence dependent, NAPs can be engineered with sequences which retain antiviral activity but which do not have pro-inflammatory activity or off target effects common with other oligonucleotide-based drugs, rendering them safe and well tolerated.

Our Focus

Replicor has focused its efforts on developing a cure for HBV and HDV. Three POC Phase II clinical trials have demonstrated that NAP therapy (including REP 2139 with immunotherapy (Pegasys® or Zadaxin®)) is well tolerated and results in antiviral responses that include:

  • the elimination (up to 7 log reduction to undetectable levels) of HBsAg in the blood and seroconversion for both HBsAg and HBeAg
  • the elimination (up to 6 log reduction to undetectable levels) of serum HBV DNA
  • a 200 fold reduction of cccDNA levels in the liver (evaluated pre-clinically)
  • a unique ability to substantially improve the antiviral effects of immunotherapies previously only having marginal activity in HBV infection
  • a substantial improvement in the rate of establishment of functional control of infection compared to approved treatments.

Continuing updates of Replicor clinical trials in progress will be presented at all major liver conferences in 2017.  Replicor’s latest clinical data can be viewed here.

AASLD 2016

Replicor’s presentations at the 2016 AASLD annual meeting can be reviewed here