Business Model

Having compiled the most advanced animal and human clinical data in the development of the cure for HBV and HDV, our mission is now twofold: 1) improve our understanding of how NAP-based combination therapy achieves functional cure of chronic HBV and HDV infection and 2) transition to later stage clinical trials which will support the approval of our lead drug candidate (REP 2139-Mg) for the treatment of HBV and HDV.

Replicor has been responsible for several important discoveries in the field:

  • The development of the first class of therapeutic agents (NAPs) that can result in rapid HBsAg loss in the majority of patients.
  • The observation that NAPs uniquely achieve clearance of HBsAg and HDV RNA in patients with co-infection.
  • Understanding that the beneficial effects of immunotherapy are suppressed by circulating HBsAg and that the removal of HBsAg to very low levels can lead to a dramatic improvement in the effect of immunotherapy.
  • Developing the first combination regimen (REP 2139-Mg + TDF + pegIFN) which substantially improves the rates of functional control of HBV and HDV infection persisting after all therapy is removed compared to the current standards of care.

These advances are the first to promise the opportunity to free a large proportion of patients from the burden of chronic therapy for chronic HBV infection and to offer the first effective treatment for those patients with HBV / HDV co-infection.