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MONTREAL, May 12th, 2020 – Replicor Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company targeting a cure for patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and chronic HBV and hepatitis delta virus (HDV) co-infection, today announced the publication of the modelling of antiviral responses to REP 2139 monotherapy in HBV / HDV co-infection in the journal Scientific Reports (

This article, entitled “Modelling hepatitis D virus RNA and HBsAg dynamics during nucleic acid polymer monotherapy suggest rapid turnover of HBsAg” models the HBsAg and HDV RNA responses during REP 2139-Ca monotherapy in the REP 301 study (NCT02233075, and was conducted in collaboration with the lab of Dr. Harel Dahari, Associate Professor, Program for Experimental and Theoretical Modelling in the Department of Medicine, Division of Hepatology at Loyola University Chicago.

The study established a model accurately predicting antiviral responses observed during REP 2139 modelling which included highly efficient inhibition of both HBsAg (98.2%) and HDV (99.7%). Importantly, modelling in this study confirmed the rapid turnover of HBsAg (subviral particles) in the blood observed in previous independent studies of HBV monoinfection, establishing a T1/2 of 1.3 days.

Dr. Andrew Vaillant, CSO at Replicor commented, “The modelling work conducted in Dr. Dahari’s lab is helping us better understand the clinical effects of NAPs in both HBV and HDV infection. Our work continues with Dr. Dahari’s’s lab to model the antiviral responses in the recently published REP 401 study (NCT02565719, where high rates of functional cure of HBV were established with NAP-based combination therapy. The confirmation of the very rapid turnover of subviral particles by this modelling study strengthens the notion that clearance of HBsAg depends not only on the blockade of replenishment of subviral particles into the blood but the active clearance of subviral particles from the blood.”

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Replicor is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with the most advanced animal and human clinical data in the development of the cure for HBV and HDV. The company is dedicated to accelerating the development of an effective treatment for patients with HBV and HBV/HDV co-infection. For further information about Replicor please visit our website at

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