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MONTREAL, June 12, 2017 – Replicor Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company targeting a cure for patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and chronic HBV and hepatitis delta virus (HDV) co-infection, announced today the publication of its study on the preclinical evaluation of its clinical NAP candidates REP 2139 and REP 2165 in the journal Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids. (

Replicor’s extensive preclinical assessment of its NAP technology included 6 months exposure to the clinical NAPs REP 2139 or REP 2165 in rodent and non-human primate species, providing extensive pharmacokinetic and safety data on these compounds at doses greatly exceeding those effective clinically. The publication of these long term pre-clinical exposure studies confirms that the pharmacokinetic behavior of NAPs mirrors that of all other compounds in this drug class (phosphorothioate oligonucleotides) and demonstrates the remarkably minimal toxicities observed in any target organ with REP 2139 or REP 2165. “These studies also provide details on the development of REP 2165, a NAP which may also have future use in more difficult to treat patient populations.”, Andrew Vaillant, CSO stated. He also commented, “The lack of any significant toxicological findings in the liver in these studies is consistent with our previously published data demonstrating that NAPs are immunologically inert and clearly indicate that the transaminase flares observed in HBV infected patients are not directly caused by NAPs.”

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Replicor is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with the most advanced animal and human clinical data in the development of the cure for HBV and HDV. The company is dedicated to accelerating the development of an effective treatment for patients with HBV and HBV/HDV co-infection. For further information about Replicor please visit our website at

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