Press Release

MONTREAL, July 24th, 2023 – Replicor Inc. announced the publication of modelling analysis of HBsAg
responses in its REP 401 study linking rapid HBsAg loss to functional cure of HBV.
This new study, published in Hepatology Communications (see here), is part of an ongoing collaboration
with Dr. Harel Dahari’s team at Loyola University (Chicago, USA) to analyze clinical responses to NAPs. In
this study, HBsAg loss in the REP 401 study (link) occurred significantly faster in patients achieving
functional cure (on average by 21 weeks of therapy) and monophasic HBsAg declines in these patients
with rapid HBsAg loss were predictive of functional cure.
Dr. Andrew Vaillant, CSO of Replicor commented, “Pegylated interferon (pegIFN) is an immunotherapy
long in use for the treatment of chronic HBV infection. Clinical experience with this immunotherapy tells
us that, while functional cure of HBV with this immunotherapy is rare, early HBsAg loss and strong ALT
flares during therapy are common features in those patients achieving functional cure. When pegIFN is
combined with REP 2139-Mg, the rate of HBsAg loss and incidence of strong ALT flares is dramatically
increased in non-cirrhotic patients. This new study of HBsAg dynamics during combination therapy with
REP 2139-Mg and pegIFN in our previous REP 401 study demonstrates that the high prevalence of rapid
HBsAg loss unique to NAP therapy has the same impact on achieving functional cure as observed
historically with pegIFN but in a much higher proportion of patients. We are happy to see that the
important connection between rapid HBsAg loss with strong ALT fares and functional cure of HBV is now
being recognized by the community at large (see here).”
About Replicor
Replicor is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with the most advanced animal and human clinical
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