Press Release

Replicor publishes data on mechanism of action and pre-clinical efficacy of amphipathic DNA polymers (APs) in HCV infection

April 16, 2009 – Data generated in collaboration with the Liver Diseases Branch of the NIH was published in the prestigious journal Gastroenterology. The article presented data that demonstrated that numerous different amphipathic DNA polymers (APs) were effective in vitro against HCV infection from all known genotypes, using both JFH1 and pseudoparticle systems. APs were shown to be able to effectively block the entry of HCV virions into the host cells. Pre-clinical assessment of REP 9AC in HCV infected Scid-Hu mice demonstrated that the APs REP AC and REP 2055 were able to provide effective protection from HCV infection and were well tolerated.

APs represent a new class of antiviral agent and may be an important new tool for prophylaxis in HCV+ liver transplant recipients and also for the treatment of chronic HCV infection.