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MONTREAL, June 23rd, 2020 – Replicor Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company targeting a cure for patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and chronic HBV and hepatitis delta virus (HDV) co-infection, announces the publication of an expanded in vitro study of the antiviral effects of REP 2139 in HBV entitled “Characterization of the antiviral effects of REP 2139 on the HBV lifecycle in vitro” in the journal Antiviral Research.

Replicor’s ongoing collaboration with Dr. Patrick Labonté at the Institute Armand Frappier, (IAF-INRS, Laval, Quebec, Canada) has the overall goal of identifying the antiviral and molecular mechanisms of NAPs.

This latest publication established the following:

  1. The specific inhibition of the assembly / secretion of HBV subviral particles with little to no impact on secretion of HBeAg or Dane particles.
  2. The identification of previously characterized, constitutive HBsAg proteolytic mechanisms driving the reduction in intracellular HBsAg observed in the presence of NAPs.
  3. Little to no effect on the transcription / translation of viral RNAs, DNA or proteins by NAPs.

Dr. Andrew Vaillant, CSO at Replicor commented, “The in vitro investigation of NAPs is complicated by the absence of intracellular trafficking normally occurring in vivo. Early independent investigations demonstrated numerous in vitro artifacts (verified by in vivo and human efficacy data) with transfection (including RNAiMax) demonstrating the unsuitability of this approach for evaluating the antiviral mechanisms of NAPs or their efficacy in vitro. This necessitated the development of a novel in vitro system (described in our previous publication) which both restored normal intracellular trafficking of NAPs in vitro and produced results consistent with in vivo and human efficacy data with a wide variety of differentially modified NAPs. This second publication from Dr. Labonté’s lab uses this same model system to establish the specific and selective effect of NAPs on the assembly and secretion of HBV SVP and is currently being used to identify host target(s) of NAPs involved in the assembly / secretion of HBV SVPs”.

A detailed summary of the issues with evaluating the mechanism and efficacy of NAPs in vitro with transfection can be found here.

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Replicor is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with the most advanced animal and human clinical data in the development of the cure for HBV and HDV. The company is dedicated to accelerating the development of an effective treatment for patients with HBV and HBV/HDV co-infection. For further information about Replicor please visit our website at

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