Press Release

REPLICor to present interim REP 9AC clinical efficacy data at the 20th annual meeting of the APASL in Beijing, China

Montreal, Quebec – March 18, 2010 – Replicor will present results from its clinical proof of concept trial at the upcoming 20th annual meeting of the APASL in Beijing, China. This is the largest annual meeting dedicated to treatment of liver disease in Asia which typically attracts over 5,000 physicians and researchers. See:

Interim data on the efficacy of the amphipathic DNA polymer REP 9AC in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in 6 patients will be presented. Interim results will show that REP 9AC treatment rapidly leads to the detection of anti-HBsAg antibodies and the reduction and or clearance of serum HBsAg within the first 12 weeks of treatment in human patients. These findings are associated with substantial and sustained reductions in serum HBV titers which may be due to an improved immune response to the infection. This is exemplified by the first patient who had 2,000,000 copies of the virus / ml in his blood, was then treated for a total of 23 weeks and who has so far maintained a sustained virologic response (<70 copies of the virus / ml in his blood) for a period of 6 months off treatment.

REP 9AC represents a new class of antiviral agent that blocks the release of HBsAg which has been associated with HBV-specific immune defects and may contribute to the long term persistence of the infection. It appears that REP 9AC effectively clears HBsAg in the serum and leads to the rapid acquisition of effective immunity against the infection. REP 9AC may therefore provide an important new tool in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.