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MONTREAL, April 1st, 2019 – Replicor Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company targeting functional cure for chronic hepatitis B and D patients, today announced it will present data on the beneficial impact of transaminase flares in achieving HBV functional cure with REP 2139-Mg at the 2019 EASL International Liver Conference (ILC) to be held April 10th – 14th, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

Replicor’s presentations on Friday April 12th (posters FRI-210 and FRI-211) feature the latest available data from the REP 401 trial (NCT02565719) with REP 2139-Mg demonstrating high rates of functional cure of HBV as well as new analysis of transaminase flares in the REP 301 (NCT02233075) and REP 401 trials. These additional analyses indicate a correlation between transaminase flare activity and the establishment of functional cure of HBV.

The REP 2139-Mg based regimen in REP 401 study continues to replicate previous clinical studies in HBeAg positive HBV infection and HBV / HDV co-infection and continues to lead the industry with its unique ability to achieve high rates of HBsAg loss during therapy leading to functional cure, normalization of liver function and reversal of liver fibrosis after removal therapy. Dr. Andrew Vaillant, CSO of Replicor, commented, “The data sets from the REP 301 and REP 401 studies are unique as transaminase flares occur in almost all participants, are asymptomatic and accompanied by high rates of functional control and functional cure. Analysis of these flares is giving us new insight into their ability to predict the establishment of functional control with finite therapy.”

An additional presentation Friday April 12th (poster FRI-168) will present new data modeling antiviral responses in the REP 301 study from our ongoing collaboration with Dr. Harel Dahari of the Loyola University Medical Center.

Replicor’s presentations will be made available on the company’s website following their presentation at For further information about the 2019 EASL ILC visit:

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Replicor is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with the most advanced animal and human clinical data in the development of the cure for HBV and HDV. The company is dedicated to accelerating the development of an effective treatment for patients with HBV and HBV/HDV co-infection. For further information about Replicor please visit our website at

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